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Confirming events on other chains

In this course, we will write a dapp that consists of two blockchains where a user is authorized by proving events happening on another chain using the Inter-Chain Confirmation Facility (ICCF).

The dapp we will build is a digital warehouse consisting of two blockchains:

  1. Subscription chain: Users "pays" to get access to the system
  2. Digital Warehouse chain: Keeps the inventory of a warehouse up to date

The idea for this system is to allow for payments in a separate blockchain and keep the business logic in another. In this way we can show that building a dapp does not necessarily mean handling of crypto money. If someone has built a robust blockchain for handling money, we can use that one to handle the money and let our chain handle only the business part.

What we will learn

By the end of this course you will gain understanding in

  • How to model a system consisting of several blockchains
  • How to use ICCF to confirm events happening on another chain