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Write your first dapp on Chromia

This course, tailored for both Web2 and Web3 developers, introduces the fundamentals of entity creation, operations, and queries in Rell. The goal of this course is to help you get started with Chromia and develop the dapp BookView, a book review app allowing users to post book reviews effortlessly.

What's Chromia?

Chromia is a Relational Blockchain fusing a relational database with blockchain capabilities. With Chromia, dapps can be crafted in a manner familiar to developers across various backgrounds, from enterprise applications to games and smaller projects.

A distinctive feature of Chromia is Rell, a specialized blockchain and database language. Rell provides static typing, increased expressiveness, enhanced database security, and requires up to 10x fewer lines of code than other blockchains.

To delve deeper into Chromia and its architecture, click here.

About the dapp we will build

We will build a book review app where the user can create books, book reviews and add ratings. This course will also explore various methods for refining and filtering reviews based on specific criteria.

What will I learn?

By the conclusion of this course, you will have acquired the following skills:

  • Define entities and establish their relationships.
  • Retrieving data using queries while skillfully applying filters.
  • Gain the knowledge of basic validation to secure of your app.
  • Learn to sign and commit transactions using cryptographic signatures.

The outcome will be a fully operational dapp where users can add books, compose reviews, and fetch reviews based on personalized filters – all powered by Rell and the Chromia blockchain.